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Power Apps StartScreen, OnStart, and Deep Linking Fix

Explore App.StartScreen, App.OnStart and Deep Linking - all in Power Apps. You will be able to ditch the Navigate property and see how new features work. Shane explains the Start Screen he created and how you can customize your app to add a welcome/intro screen.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Setting the start screen in Power Apps

  • How StartScreen may be affecting your apps

  • App.OnStart feature

  • The retired feature you may need to enable Deep Linking

Link to the video on Shane's YouTube channel: Power Apps StartScreen, OnStart, and Deep Linking Fix

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Key Timestamps:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 0:35 What you're going to learn

    • Shane explains what App.StartScreen, App.OnStart, and Deep Linking are and what will be taught regarding those topics.

  • 1:32 Demo of Start Screen

    • Shane shows and explains his current Start Screen in Power Apps.

  • 2:10 How does Power Apps know what screen to show first

    • Learn how Tree View affects the order of the screens in Power Apps.

  • 3:00 App.StartScreen property

    • Use this property to redirect what screen is shown.

    • Save your app and ensure correct changes in order to display the desired screen.

  • 5:00 Changes with App.OnStart - Navigate

    • Shane shows an old way of making the past changes - using Navigate - and how to do those same actions and more with new features.

    • Navigate is now not permitted in OnStart, therefore the StartScreen property should be used instead.

  • 6:02 How 'IF' logic is supported on StartScreen

  • 8:00 What is "imperative" and "declarative" logic

  • 10:15 Deep Linking- another way to use Start Screen

    • Shane shows the 'Param' function and how to use it to look for certain screens.

  • 14:00 Demo of Shane's "Deep Linking Demo App"

  • 15:50 Using past methods in your new apps

    • Enable Retired Features in your new app when receiving error messages when attempting to perform previously used methods.

  • 17:30 Where is the evolution of Power Apps heading?

    • Blog post explains new features.

    • Upcoming new features soon to be added to Power Apps.

Additional Learning:

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  • By subscribing to YouTube Video Resource Library you can access downloadable apps that are used in Shane's demos.

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