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Why Choose Us?

Focus. Focus is why you should choose PowerApps911.


Our team is focused exclusively on the Power Platform. We are a woman-owned business, have built hundreds of apps to solve real business solutions across the globe, and want to help you! In addition to being focused, here are some other great things about our team:

  • Expertise.  With a combined 30 years experience with the Microsoft collaboration and productivity tools, our team is able to help with not only Power Apps but the supporting technologies.  We have over 46 YEARS of watch time on YouTube and counting. Oh, and since the Power Platform is all about solving business problems, did we mention we also have 2 MBAs on staff?  

  • Mentoring and Training.  We believe in not only building your solution or solving your problem but providing you mentoring along the way so you can do it yourself in the future (if you want!).

  • Flexibility. We also appreciate everyone is at a different point in the Power Platform life cycle, so we have options to meet you where you are at. We offer mentoring, full projects, and training so you can tailor the engagement to what you need. We will even jump on and help you solve the quick issues and questions.  15 minutes may be all you need to keep your project moving.

  • Industry Experience. We have worked with more industries than we can name, but here are some of our favorites: 

  • Construction 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Hospitality

  • Service Organizations 

  • Non-profit

  • Education


With this level of experience and focus, you would be hard pressed to find a better team to help you with the Power Platform. 


I wanted to ramp up my PowerApps skills quickly with someone who would focus on my questions, get me unstuck, and take me to the next level on any given topic. And I needed help getting our first big PowerApps app finished and released on time.  I feel very fortunate to have discovered PowerApps911. This company has exceeded expectations in every direction. I am a long-term, repeat customer, and can’t recommend this company highly enough.  

—  Jim Gootee, DX Collaboration & Content / Business Process Automation Manager – Allegion

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