Our Services



Bring us your business problem and let us build you a solution using the Microsoft Power Platform. If you want a structured project, we can work with you to define the project scope and timeline. 


Mentoring is for clients who are looking to add a resource to their team. We can assist you with support, mentoring, and consulting services for Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Dataverse, Dataverse for Teams, and Power Virtual Agents. Have an app that you would like to build yourself, but need some help along the way? Let us teach you the skills needed to complete the project yourself. 


If you are you looking to learn Power Apps or Power Automate (aka Flow), then you are in the right place. The team of consultants at PowerApps911 have built 100’s of business solutions on the Power Platform for our customers across the globe. These courses will bring those lessons learned and techniques to you. Our courses are intended to provide you with all of the building blocks for application development using Power Apps and Power Automate. No fluff, no academic concepts, just practical, real-world training that you can apply to be awesome at the Power Platform. 

Help Now!

Help Now is provided for clients that need immediate short-term support. It is most popular with people who want quick guidance on their app or an issue. Our consultants are available to hop on a screen-share with you to answer questions and provide solutions.