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PowerApps and Flow for App Builders

Are you looking to learn PowerApps, Flow or Power BI? Then you are in the right place. The team of consultants at PowerApps911 have built 100’s of business solutions on the Power Platform for our customers across the globe. These courses will bring those lessons learned and techniques to you. These videos are the same ones that our new consultants watch as part of the onboarding process. No fluff, no academic concepts, just practical, real-world training that you can apply to be awesome at the Power Platform. 


How is this different than the free stuff on YouTube? With over 22 million minutes of YouTube views and counting this is a good chance, you have seen one of our videos. It is a fair question. Below are the key differences:  

  • Our YouTube videos are focused on a specific functionality or concept; they are not in any sequential order except for a few series.  They are also subject to become outdated due to the fast pace of change in the Power Platform.   You can apply the concepts to your solution with some work.  Our training courses are built as a beginning to end solution the same way we do projects for clients. Our goal is to give you all the foundational knowledge you need.   

  • Our training courses include links, code snippets, step-by-step written instructions, and even downloads of the app (as applicable).  With YouTube, when you want the code or links, you must pause the video and write them down. 

  • With our training classes, you can add on one on one time with the instructor to get your questions answered directly.  

Happy Students are Everywhere

"I just completed the on-demand training.   Fantastic course!   Shane is awesome as you all know already.  I liked the way he brings real life experiences to the lessons, the way he takes on a question and goes through powerapps solution describing what he is looking for along the way, and his emphasis on the tricks, hacks or methods we all use to figure out solutions for ourselves. "

— Patrick, Systems Engineer


We have two options to accommodate your learning preference: Live training and On-Demand training,

Approximately every six weeks, Shane offers a live online intermediate PowerApps and Flow training course. As a student, you join the class and interact in a fast-moving training format where Shane demos all of the concepts you need to go from beginner to awesome. The best part of this class is each one is tailored to the students in that class. No two classes are the same. It also often includes Shane’s “mad scientist” module where he shows you a brand new concept or feature he hasn’t shared with the world yet. The class includes a hands-on-labs.  For the week of class and 30 days afterward, you have access to a dedicated training email for lab/content questions and a recording of the class. 



If you need flexibility, then check out our on-demand catalog which includes two free, one hour classes: 

  • Intro to PowerApps – This one hour class will give you an overview of PowerApps and how to build your first app. Highly recommended for everyone to give you that base knowledge you need. Price: FREE 

  • Intro to Flow – This one hour class will give you an overview of Flow and how you can leverage it to make your job easier. This class includes a walk through for building your first Approval workflow. Price: FREE 

  • PowerApps and Flow Intermediate – This course is designed and taught by Shane. The goal is to take someone who knows enough to be dangerous and make them awesome at PowerApps and Flow. This is a recorded version of the live PowerApps and Flow course. Which means you can take the class and do the labs on your schedule at a lower price. Price: $600 (course only) or $800 (course plus 1 hour of consulting)

  • PowerApps for SharePoint – Are you a SharePoint person who is ready to do more? This is the course for you. We talk about extending the SharePoint site experience with PowerApps and building standalone apps using SharePoint as your data source. A very practical, real-world course. The class includes a written step-by-step guide to rebuild the demo, access to monthly office hours sessions while you are enrolled in the course, and a download of the app. Price: One time: $250 or Monthly Subscription: $200 one time payment plus $10 per month

  • Getting started with Power BI – Do you want to learn about Power BI and the awesome power that it gives you? This is your class. Here Allison will teach about working with data, creating rich visualizations, and other skills that will let you start making those Power BI reports you real-world need to more your business forward. (Available early October 2019) 

Need to train an entire group? We offer Private Training where you can get the exact training you want for your team. The class can be taught online live, in person, or even recorded to be consumed later. Too many options to cover here so please reach out to us  here and we can help you create the perfect offering for your team.