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WANT to boost your Power Platform Skills?

Helping over 168,000 people all over the world!

Discover the endless possibilities of the Power Platform through our comprehensive online training courses. Whether you're an aspiring business analyst, a seasoned IT professional, or an entrepreneur looking to streamline operations, our expert-led training will equip you with the skills to create powerful applications and automate processes. Benefit from learning at your own pace, gaining hands-on experience, and accessing a wealth of resources. Unlock your true potential with the Power Platform and propel your career or business to new heights.

Just getting started with the Power Platform? Try out one of our FREE courses!

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ChatGPT & Copilot 101

Do you want to know what ChatGPT and Copilot (Bing Chat) can do for you?
Then this is the course for you. In this FREE introduction to AI course, you will learn about ChatGPT and Copilot, how to use prompting to better talk to them, and some common ways to engage with each tool.

Power Platform 101

In this course you will learn about Power Apps Canvas & Model-driven apps, Power Automate Cloud & Desktop flows, and Power BI. You will get overviews of how each are used in the real world and a step-by-step walkthrough to build your first app, flow, and report.

Model-driven with Dataverse 101

Are you curious about the advantages of Power Apps Model-driven apps built on top of Dataverse? Do you want a step-by-step guide to building your first app? Then this free course is for you. Juan walks you through building your first app with forms, views, charts, and dashboards.

Power BI 101

Are you ready to stop updating slides and Excel charts and start sharing real time data visualizations that drive action?! Take this FREE course to find out how Power BI can help you get started.



Incredible content!

I'm only at Module 4 right now but I can really tell that the content is really high quality. I watched 3 hours of Pluralsight but I was always wondering how the the app was working behind the scene. I feel like Shane has a really good pace with the content and offered me more content in less time.

Course: Power Apps and Power Automate 201


Excellent course!

I would like to thank Shane and Daniel for the course it was very informative and would recommend it to anyone looking to expand their Power App/Power Platform knowledge. Keep up the great work guys and I am looking forward to future courses.

Course: Power Apps and Power Automate 401


My favorite thing from this course was watching a listening to Juan's real world experiences. I'm moving into an Enterprise Power Platform role soon and I really needed some real world experience information. The course material and resources were great! I feel confident about taking on my new role on my organization's Power Platform Team now! Thanks so much!

Course: Building Model-driven Apps with Dataverse 202

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