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Power Apps Attachments Video Series

Updated: 1 day ago

In this video series you will learn how to work with attachments in Power Apps. The following 3 videos are included in this series:

Working with Attachments

Save All Files with the Attachment Control Do you or your users need to be able to upload and save different types of files? If you have attempted to accomplish this via the Add Media control, you know that this control only shows image files. In Shane’s Power Apps Attachment Control – Upload All Files not Images Only to Azure Blob Storage video, he demonstrates how to hack the Attachment Control to upload all files rather than image files only. The files are then saved off to Azure Blob Storage, and all of this is shown in the context of an expense report app.

Key Timestamps:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 1:09 Demo of the solution

  • 2:33 Insert a blank screen and add a Form

  • 3:50 Copy the Attachment Control from the Form and delete the Form

  • 4:28 Edit the control in the formula bar

  • 5:42 Manipulate the OnAddFile code

  • 7:35 Add a gallery

  • 11:09 Customize the appearance of the app

  • 13:39 Preview of a different app that utilizes the Attachment Control

Upload to SharePoint Document Library Uploading files to a SharePoint document library can now be made easy through Shane’s super simplified solution! Learn how to create a button that uploads a file directly to your SharePoint document library from Power Apps. This includes PDFs, word docs, excel files, images and more. In Shane’s Power Apps upload file to Sharepoint document library video, he demonstrates how to do the above with no crazy code, parsing, or hacking.

Key Timestamps:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 1:54 Demo of the solution

  • 3:51 Create the solution in Power Apps and add the Attachment and Image controls

  • 6:20 Add a button to the app and utilize the Set and JSON functions

  • 9:16 Perform text manipulation to isolate the base64

  • 13:53 Write a flow to get the base64 into SharePoint

  • 18:05 Perform additional text manipulation

  • 20:07 Demo of the final solution

  • 21:25 Simplify the appearance of the app

Power Apps Azure Blob Storage

A straightforward method for storing and accessing your files in Power Apps. In Shane’s Power Apps Azure Blob Storage connector video, he demonstrates how to quickly get files in and out of Power Apps via the Azure Blob Storage connector. You’ll learn how to set up an Azure Blob Storage account, download the Azure Storage Explorer, and utilize Azure Blob Storage.

Key Timestamps:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 2:01 Demo of the solution

  • 4:57 Set up an Azure Blob Storage account

  • 8:16 Download the Azure Storage Explorer and create a Blob Container

  • 10:51 Create a tablet app in Power Apps and add the Azure Blob Storage as the datasource

  • 12:45 Upload a file to Azure

  • 16:54 Create a second screen and add a gallery show the file

  • 19:25 Add the ClearCollect function to the OnVisible property of the gallery

  • 22:00 Add the Launch function to the OnSelect propery of an icon to have the gallery interact with other files

  • 30:51 Add the Camera control

  • 33:39 Set the Public Access Level in the Azure Storage Explorer

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