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SharePoint Custom Forms with Power Apps

Updated: 1 day ago

Shane Young demonstrates how to customize your SharePoint list forms with Power Apps. Learn how to get started, has SharePointIntegration control works, save, publish, and tips to make it easier for you to customize your SharePoint Online lists.

Included in this video:

  • getting started

  • SharePointIntegration Control

  • saving and security

  • adding an Outlook and Power BI connector

  • warning tips

Link to the video on Shane's YouTube:

Key Timestamps:

  • 00:00 It starts

  • 1:38 Demo of a custom SharePoint form with an Outlook and Power BI Connection

  • 4:13 Customize your first SharePoint form including save and publish

    • Shane shows how to customize your first SharePoint form using PowerApps.

    • Save and publish your form.

  • 8:40 The forms DataSource and Items property

  • 10:24 SharePointIntegration control .Selected record and .SelectedListItemID

    • Shane explains what each of these are and how you use them.

  • 12:00 Save, Publish, and open SharePoint list

    • Do this in a second tab to make going back and forth quicker and easier.

  • 13:18 SharePointIntegration Edit button, New Button, Save Button, Cancel Button, OnEdit, OnNew, OnSave, OnView, OnCancel

    • Follow along on how to change buttons if needed to direct SharePoint to do what you need.

  • 14:27 SharePointForm1 OnSuccess

    • ResetForm(Self) RequestHide()

  • 15:43 Add the Office 365 Outlook Connector

    • Send an email with a button SendEmailV2.

  • 18:19 Resize the display form

    • Learn how to resize your form it doesn't look how you want.

  • 21:06 Saving and security

    • File, Save, Save As, Security

    • Running the form stand alone, and why none of them work for these custom forms

  • 22:36 Add the Power BI Tile

  • 23:01 Manage your form

    • Manage, hide, and delete your custom form from SharePoint List Settings Form Options

  • 24:19 Warnings!!!!

    • Shane shares his warnings on overusing this. Don't do too much!

  • 25:25 Use the SharePoint Webpart Microsoft PowerApps Preview on a Modern Page

Additional Learning:

  • Power Platform for SharePoint 201 - On Demand Course

    • Learn how to use Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow) with SharePoint Online. This course teaches you everything you need to know to start customizing today.

  • All Access Subscription - On Demand Courses

    • Gain access to ALL our On Demand content that we have available, along with Office Hours invitations and YouTube Video Resource Library access. Cancel anytime.

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