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Power Apps Tutorial for Beginners

Learn how to make your first app in Power Apps with Shane Young's updated version of his PowerApps tutorial for Beginners. Follow along as you learn all the options available when creating your first app. Get started building now!

In this video:

  • Build your first app from SharePoint data

  • Make customizations to your gallery

  • Save, publish, and share your first app in Power Apps

  • Advice from Shane Young to help you continue your learning journey


Key Timestamps:

0:00 It Starts

  • Begin learning how to make your first app in PowerApps with Microsoft MVP, Shane Young.

1:08 Overview of Power Apps Template apps

  • Shane explains that he recommends using the templates for inspiration, and not editing them.

1:44 Start from the beginning

  • See the different ways you can begin creating your app. Begin with a Blank App or from data like, Dataverse, SharePoint, Excel, or SQL

  • Learn why starting with SharePoint is best when making your first app.

2:32 Quick view at the SharePoint list we are going to use to build the app

  • Shane shows a view of the SharePoint list that will be used in this video, which also has been used in countless previous videos on his channel.

3:13 Create a PowerApp from SharePoint list by connecting to SharePoint

  • Copy the URL of the SharePoint list you are using.

  • Choose 'SharePoint' in the 'Start From' section; by doing this, Power Apps automatically walks you through the process of automatically creating an app from this particular SharePoint list.

  • Beginners will select 'Create a New Connection' on the left side of the desktop.

  • Paste the URL you previously copied, and click Go.

4:20 Give your app a name and save it.

  • A fully functional app is created for you.

  • Click 'File', and give your first app a name.

5:18 Preview the app by using the play button

  • Make sure you save your work to activate Autosave.

  • See your app in action.

5:36 Mobile PowerApps vs. tablet or desktops apps

  • Apps look different depending on the device you are using.

  • The automatic process built a mobile Power Apps app.

6:04 View and edit your SharePoint items with the app

  • Explore the SharePoint items that are now in your app. Learn how to view these items, as well as edit them if needed.

7:08 Create a new SharePoint record by using Power Apps

  • Along with viewing, editing, and deleting; you can also create a new item in your app.

7:45 Editing the app in PowerApps Studio by introducing the Gallery control

  • BrowseGallery is one of the controls in Power Apps. Galleries show you listed data.

8:54 Write your first formula using the Text function to format the number as currency like Excel

  • Transform the current numbers into formatted numbers with the Text function.

9:58 Save and Publish your app

  • Your users will always see your Published version of your app. You can always make changes, but until you publish those changes they will not be seen.

10:32 Share your app with a coworker and overview how PowerApps security works including co-owner and data permissions

  • Share the first app created.

  • Add a co-owner if you would like someone else to be able to use, edit, and share the app.

11:36 Ideas to explore the app more

  • Congratulations! You have built your first app.

  • Your next step would be to explore more of your app and understand options for adjusting items in your app.

  • Learn more with our FREE introduction course. See details below.

Additional Learning:

  • Did you enjoy Shane Young's Power Apps Tutorial for Beginners? The fun doesn't stop there! Enroll in our FREE Introduction to Power Apps Course. - Power Platform 101

  • Do you have the hang of it and want to advance your skills even more? Check out the Live and On Demand Power Platform Training options that we have available! - PowerApps911 Training

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