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PowerApps set default value based on another field from a dropdown

Updated: 2 days ago

In this video, Shane Young answers the question of how to set default values based on a dropdown. By following along, you will learn to create a dropdown, and when your user selects a record you will then populate a text input, a different dropdown, a combo box, a collection, and even a people picker.

Included in this video:

  • set default values based on a dropdown

  • use a dropdown to set various input values for Patch

  • use a dropdown to set other field values

  • use a dropdown to find a default user in a combo box

  • use a dropdown to populate a collection from another datasource

Link to the video on Shane's YouTube:

Link to Shane's YouTube Channel:

Key Timestamps:

  • 00:00 Start

  • 01:34 Demo

    • Shane shows his app and the problems you can solve with dropdowns.

  • 04:01 Using a dropdown to set default values

    • By using his app, shows how to use a dropdown to set default values of a text input, drop down, and a label.

    • See what errors may show, and how to resolve them.

  • 09:37 Shane goes back to the previous normal form to show more steps

    • Setup a gallery, a form, and unlock some cards.

    • Populate fields based on data from a different table data source.

    • Understand what some common errors mean.

  • 17:19 Questions from viewers - People picker field

    • Look at how to set a combo box from the selection in a dropdown control used for a people picker and Office365Users.SearchUserv2

  • 19:09 Use the chosen record in a Power Apps Dropdown to populate a collection

    • Shane explains how he does this by using the OnChange property.

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