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Power Apps OnError to capture, suppress, and report all errors

Are you tired of your users getting errors in PowerApps? Then check how you can use the OnError property to deal with all of those unhandled errrors. Error messages from bad inputs, functions missing data, or even a Patch function gone wrong can all be dealt with without breaking a sweat. You will learn about OnError, IfError, Error, IsBlankOrError, Left, If, Filter and more. If you have errors in your Power Apps you need this video.

Click the video below to get started!

Click the link below to view Shane Young's YouTube channel:

Key Timestamps:

0:00 Get Started

  • Power Apps OnError is a property on your app which lets you capture all your unhandled errors

1:51 PowerApps IfError and Handled Errors

  • Shane explains what IfErrors and Handled Errors are in Power Apps

2:28 Unhandled Errors in Power Apps

  • Shane explains what Unhandled Errors are in Power Apps

  • Unhandled errors occur when Power Apps is not sure what to perform and it shows the error back to the user

3:06 PowerApps App OnError property

  • The OnError property gives you the ability to put in code that run every time you encounter an error

5:35 Logging all of your Power Apps errors to a SharePoint data source

  • Make a list of your Power Apps errors

9:08 Suppressing Power Apps error messages

  • Shane explains how to use an If logic to suppress error messages

11:33 AllErrors

  • Occasionally you may run into errors where you are getting multiples and you need to check the table - AllErrors is that table

12:44 Using Left to deal with an error message over 255 character limit

  • When having a character limit issue, you are able to patch only the first 255 to meet the limit and stop receiving errors

14:13 Patch Errors handled vs. unhandled and what to do with them

15:50 Using the Error function to create your own Error Record

Additional Learning:

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