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Send NotificationsV2 to Phones, Tablets, & Watches with Power Apps

Often to get the most out of our business solutions we create with Power Apps we want to tell the user we need them to do something. The most common way is with an Outlook email or a Teams message. But did you know there is another way?

You can send true Mobile style notifications for your Power Apps by creating a quick little flow. These notifications can be sent to your Mobile phone, your Tablet, or even your Smart Watch.

A picture of a Power Apps notification on an Apple Watch that says "Time to watch Shane's video"

Power Apps Send Notificationv2

To send these notifications you will use the action Power Apps Send Notificationv2 in a Power Automate Cloud flow.

A screenshot of a Power Automate cloud flow using the Send push notification v2 action

What is even cooler is not only can you send the notification, but you can control what it says, what app it opens, and you can even pass parameters so you could have it open to a specific item or screen through what is called Deep Linking.

Practical Applications of Notifications

The versatility of PowerApps notifications allows for a wide range of applications, from simple reminders to complete specific tasks, like filling out timesheets, to more targeted alerts directing users to particular work orders or tasks within the app. The goal is to streamline communications and ensure that critical information is delivered and acted upon promptly.

Some Examples:

  • Create a Power Automate cloud flow that runs every morning at 9 AM and checks for all past due approvals in your Expense Report app. For everyone it finds send a notification to the mobile devices of the approver.

  • Add a button in your work order app for requesting a status update. Have the notification open the Power Apps app straight to the work order in question and display the message from the requestor.

  • Every time a new document is uploaded to SharePoint notify the project team with a quick notification, keeping everyone up to date.

To see a hands-on walk through, then check out my video on Setting up Power Apps notifications. Where you will see the App and Flow with all of the notifications working.

If you would like help with adding this to your existing apps, we would be happy to help. 🤩 Just scroll down the page and fill out the Contact Us form. We can do everything from a 30-minute session to fix a minor issue to a 30-month project to build you the world's greatest Power Apps app.


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