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5 Ways I use Microsoft 365 Copilot

Are you searching for real-world use cases of Microsoft 365 Copilot? Perhaps you're curious about how it can streamline your daily tasks. Here, I share the top five ways I personally use Microsoft 365 Copilot to enhance my productivity and efficiency across various Microsoft Office applications.

Enhanced Communication with Copilot Chat

One of my favorite features of Microsoft 365 Copilot is its intelligent chat functionality available through Chat. This feature acts as my personal assistant, helping me locate documents and emails quickly without manually searching through folders and files.

Below you can see a real situation I encountered. I knew Daniel had shared something with me but I couldn't find it. I spent about 10 minutes on it before the 💡 went off and I asked Chat. Found it on the first try. Pretty cool!

Screen shot of Microsoft 365 Copilot chat helping to find content

Recap Teams Meetings with Copilot

Using Microsoft 365 Copilot within Microsoft Teams has transformed how I handle meeting recaps and follow-ups. The AI provides detailed recaps of meetings, identifying key points and assigning action items, ensuring that no critical information is missed.

Here you can see a Teams recap of one of my Office Hour sessions that we run monthly for Training students. You can see who talked when, and a break down of what we discussed. I can even click into those notes and get more details and links to the portion of the meeting where talked about that. If you attend a lot of Teams meeting this is the best feature ever.

A screenshot of Teams recap showing how awesome it is.

Live Copilot Training

If you are using Copilot with Bing, Microsoft 365 Copilot, or using it with Power Apps and Automate to enhance your apps we have a great Jumpstart training class. Copilot Jumpstart is a one-day LIVE class that takes you through all things Copilot with hands on labs, lecture and Q&A all taught by yours truly. Hope to see you there!

Coaching by Copilot in Outlook

Let's just be honest. I am known for writing short, to the point emails. Not mean, but often not empathetic enough for most people. Sorry.

Coaching by Copilot is my life saver. I write my really short, to the point email and then I run the tool and bam, it smacks me in the face with everything I should do better. 🤩 It doesn't change any of my words, just nudges me in a nicer direction, so hopefully over time I just write better stuff. (doubtful 🤣)

A screen shot of Copilot coaching in Outlook making suggestions.

Simplifying Excel Tasks

I am not as good at Excel as I should be. 🫤 While I can write simple formulas anything more is beyond me. And don't get me started with things like Pivot Charts. No.

So for me, using Copilot for Excel to explain and write formulas for me is a big win. Below you will see a couple of screenshots of it in action. Very helpful.

Copilot in Excel helping explain a simple formula

Copilot in Excel helping update a formula

Automating Microsoft Forms Creation with Copilot

Who doesn't struggle with a blank screen when trying to create a survey? Yes, you know some of the things you want to ask but not all of them. In steps Copilot to help.

After teaching my live Training Class a couple of weeks ago I needed to generate a survey. So, I jumped to forms and used the below prompt as a jumping off spot. Yes, I fed it some of the questions, but it rounded out my survey to be more meaningful.

Microsoft Forms Copilot helping me create a survey

There you have it. 5 ways I use Microsoft Copilot today to make my life easier. And isn't that the point. 🤩 Making my day better and it is worth its weight in gold. If you want to see these tips in action, check out the video My 5 favorite M365 Copilot features to see all of the fun in action.

Or if you need help with rolling out AI in your company then reach out via the form below. We are already helping forward thinking companies train and plan for how AI will change their business.

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