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Power Apps Attachments for SharePoint - Files, Images, and Signatures

Updated: Jan 22

Learn with Shane Young how you can use Power Apps and Power Automate to get attachments into SharePoint; no forms necessary!

Included in this video:

  • Attach files to SharePoint

  • Attach images from the camera control to SharePoint

  • Attach signatures from the pen input to SharePoint

Link to this video on Shane's YouTube:

Key Timestamps:

  • 00:00 Intro

  • 2:01 Demo of attaching a file to a SharePoint list item using power automate flow

    • Shane walks through how he attaches a file to a SharePoint list from the app he built.

    • No form controls are used; instead, independent pieces are used, then passed through a flow.

  • 5:18 Demo of attaching a signature from the pen input control to a SharePoint list using power automate flow

    • Shane uses pen input control and uploads it to his SharePoint list.

  • 5:43 Demo of attaching a picture from the camera control to a SharePoint list item using power automate flow

    • Shane demonstrates how to take a photo in camera control, then upload the image to a SharePoint list.

  • 6:41 Begin to build as you follow along with Shane

    • Creating the PowerApps inputs, including choices, for creating the item.

  • 7:56 Get a PowerApps Attachment Control from a form

    • Shane explains how to get an Attachment Control using a form.

    • Save time on this build. Instead of trying to copy from this video, subscribe to YouTube Video Resource Library and be able to download all apps Shane uses in his videos.

  • 13:08 Create a flow for uploading attachments to SharePoint

    • Create an Instant Cloud Flow.

    • Create Item and Add attachment actions.

  • 21:44 Attach an Excel file to a SharePoint list item via Power Apps

    • Shane explains how this work with any attachment, such as Excel files.

  • 22:52 Use a Pen input to capture a signature with Power Apps and attach it to SharePoint

  • 24:45 Take a picture with the PowerApps camera control and attach it to the SharePoint item

Additional Learning:

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