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Master Power Apps Do Until Loops for Efficient Workflow Management (and Unleash Your Inner Nerd) 🤓

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Do Until loops are a powerful (and somewhat nerdy) tool for app developers, allowing them to streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and manage dynamic data scenarios with ease. In Power Apps, creating a Do Until loop involves using a Timer Control and adding logic to the OnTimerEnd property. In this blog post, we'll explain what a Do Until loop is, why you need it, provide some example scenarios of using a loop with Power Apps, and give you an overview of how to create one. Plus, we'll share a link to our comprehensive YouTube video tutorial that dives deeper into the subject, guiding you step-by-step through the process (warning: may cause an increased desire to talk about loops at parties).

What is a Do Until Loop and Why You Need It (Even If You're Too Cool for Coding)

A Do Until loop is a type of control flow structure in programming that repeatedly executes a block of code until a specific condition is met. In Power Apps, Do Until loops can help you handle situations where you need to perform an action multiple times based on dynamic data or conditions. By leveraging Do Until loops, you can optimize your app's performance, reduce redundant code, and simplify complex tasks. And let's be honest, who doesn't want to impress their friends with some sweet loop action?

A flow diagram demonstrating how a Do Until Loop works in Power Apps or any programming language.

As illustrated in the image, the idea is to have a criteria, like running the loop 10 times; if it hasn't run 10 times, the loop continues. Once the criteria is met, the loop ends and you can proceed to the next task. This allows you to perform dynamic work. For example, you need to fill X number of slots based on a user's input. The user inputs the amount, the code finds an empty slot, fills it, and then checks if there are more slots that need filling. If so, it finds the next spot and fills it, and checks again, repeating the process until the specified amount is filled (talk about a party trick!).

Below are some real-life example scenarios of using a loop with Power Apps (nerd alert!)

1. Inventory Management: Do Until loops can be used to remove items from multiple inventory locations or update stock levels based on dynamic input from users or external systems. An example of this is shown in the Power Apps Do Until Video (feel free to brag about it to your colleagues).

2. Data Processing: If you need to process a large dataset, a Do Until loop can help you break down the data into smaller, more manageable chunks for efficient processing (and make you the office superhero).

3. Workflow Automation: Automate repetitive tasks, such as sending email notifications, updating records, or generating reports, by using Do Until loops to handle varying amounts of data or specific conditions (saving the day one loop at a time!).

Creating a Do Until Loop in Power Apps

In Power Apps, you can create a Do Until loop using a Timer Control and adding logic to the OnTimerEnd property. Here's a high-level overview of the process (grab your cape and goggles):

1. Add a Timer Control to your Power Apps screen.

2. Set the Duration property of the Timer Control to an appropriate value based on your loop requirements, typically very short (faster than a speeding bullet, right?).

3. Use a variable to control the Timer's Start property, allowing you to initiate the loop whenever needed (like a true coding ninja).

4. Add the loop logic to the OnTimerEnd property of the Timer Control. This is where you'll perform actions, update variables, and check the conditions for the loop (prepare for world domination)

5. Make sure to include a condition that stops the loop once the desired outcome is achieved, preventing an infinite loop (because nobody wants to get stuck in a never-ending loop, trust us).

For a detailed, step-by-step guide on creating and using Do Until loops in Power Apps, check out our YouTube video tutorial (Warning: Side effects may include an insatiable desire to create more loops and an increased sense of coding pride).


Power Apps Do Until loops are a valuable (and irresistibly nerdy) tool for app developers, enabling the efficient management of dynamic data scenarios, streamlining workflows, and automating repetitive tasks. By understanding the basics of Do Until loops and how to implement them using Timer Control and OnTimerEnd logic, you can take your Power Apps development skills to the next level (and become the envy of programmers everywhere).

If you have any questions or need further clarification, don't hesitate to use our Contact form. We're always here to help, whether you need a quick 30-minute support call or a full project build. We'll even talk nerdy with you if that's what you're into! So go on, unleash your inner nerd and embrace the power of Power Apps Do Until loops! Happy coding!

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