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Create an Expense Report in Power Apps using Repeating Tables

Updated: 1 day ago

In part 1 of Shane’s video series on repeating tables, you will learn how to build an expense report using SharePoint lists as the data source. This demo lays the groundwork for using cascading menus to display results and adding custom functionality in later videos.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Power Apps Forms

  • The NewForm function

  • The Collect and ClearCollect functions

  • The ForAll function

Link to the video for Curated Library subscribers: Part 1 - Create the repeating table

Key timestamps:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 2:19 Demo of the solution

    • Shane demonstrates the functionality of his expense report app. The user is able to enter and save expenses by navigating the app with the tab and space bar keys, rather than having to click on each line item. Total expense is automatically calculated.

  • 8:23 Create the solution in Power Apps and insert a form

    • A new app is created in Power Apps and a form is added to display the expense report from SharePoint.

  • 11:32 Put the form in new form mode using the NewForm function and create a new collection using the ClearCollect function

    • The NewForm function is added to the ‘create new expense’ button so that the form is able to be edited. The ClearCollect function is added to the button after the NewForm function in order to create a new collection for every new expense.

  • 13:39 Insert a gallery and use the Patch and Collect functions

    • A gallery is added to display the expense collection. The gallery can be edited and saved through the use of text inputs and icons. The save icon utilizes the Patch, Value, and Collect functions to update the expense collection.

  • 19:33 Add a save button to submit the form to SharePoint using the Patch function

    • The SubmitForm function is added to the ‘save’ button. The ForAll function is added to the OnSuccess for the form.

  • 24:01 Save to SharePoint and demo of the final solution

    • The app is previewed and expenses are saved to SharePoint.

Additional learning:

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