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Create a PDF from SharePoint Data using Power Apps and Power Automate flow for free

Updated: 2 days ago

Learn how to build a PDF from your SharePoint data by using Power Apps and Power Automate flow. No premium license, no 3rd party connectors, just simple actions put together smartly.

Included in this video:

  • Previewing the PDF in Power Apps

  • Dynamic data including images

  • Examples of more complex solutions

  • Common errors and questions

  • The new flow connector in Power Apps

  • Power Apps v2 flow trigger in Power Automate

Link to Shane's YouTube channel here.

Link to this video on YouTube here.

Key Timestamps:

0:00 It Starts

  • Shane gives a quick overview on what will be covered in this video.

1:04 Demo of PowerApps app for creating a PDF from SharePoint Data

  • Shane gives a demo of his app that he will be using in this video.

3:08 Connect to our data and view it in a gallery to get started

  • Follow along as Shane connects his SharePoint list to a gallery.

3:26 Add an HTML Text Control to visualize the HTML for the PDF

  • Select Text. Then in the dropdown, select HTML Text.

  • This control is not required, but it does make it more simple to learn as you build.

3:50 Walk through the process of creating a PDF using Power Apps and Power Automate Flow

  • Shane explains this process in just a few steps:

  1. Create HTML that represents the PDF we want to use then send it to Power Automate (Flow.)

  2. Next, (in Power Automate) convert the HTML file.

  3. Create a file using the output of previous file content.

5:08 Using w3schools to create HTML

  • Check out this helpful tool for dealing with HTML.

8:50 Using an HTML unordered list in your PDF

  • By using the previous mentioned HTML tool, see how you can create html lists - in this case unordered lists (small black circles).

11:33 Getting an error when copying and pasting HTML with " instead of '

  • Understand the error you receive when inserting double quotes compared to single quotes.

  • Correct all double quotes to single quotes to remove the error.

13:56 Using a Text function in your HTML Body to view a number as currency

  • Learn how to view numbers as a currency type. In this video, Shane explains by using the example of inputting text as hourly wage.

15:26 Adding a dynamic image into your HTML for the PDF as base64 img src style width height

  • Follow along as Shane explains how he will be adding an image to the HTML.

16:35 Getting the base64 of an image control by using the JSON function

  • In order to add an image to the HTML, you need the base64. To get this you must process the image through an image control.

  • Use the JSON Function to load the base64 of your image.

  • When performing this in the future, always do this towards the end. This process may slow down your HTML.

18:32 Creating the Power Automate Flow with the Power Apps v2 trigger to create a PDF using OneDrive for Business Create file and OneDrive for Business Convert File

  • Now open Power Automate, and create a new flow. Select Power Apps as the trigger.

  • Add HTML as your input then follow these 3 steps:

  1. In OneDrive for business, follow along to create a file.

  2. Also in OneDrive, convert the file.

  3. Choose an operation - your choice.

22:25 Adding the flow to your Power Apps

  • Add a button to your Power App and attach a Flow to it. This adds the flow as a data source in your app.

25:13 Common questions and errors I get about creating a PDF

  • Shane explains common concerns when creating a PDF.

26:22 A couple of example of complex structures

Additional Learning:

Power Apps and Power Automate 201 - Live or On Demand

  • Take your fragmented Power Apps and Power Automate skills and transform them into solid skills with this course. You know your business process inside and out, let us help you with Power Apps and Power Automate. Learn more here.

  • If you prefer to learn on your own, there is a downloadable app included with this video in our YouTube training library for only $15/month

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