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Build your first Custom App in Microsoft Teams with Power Apps and Dataverse

Updated: May 21, 2021

Learn everything you need to know about building your first custom app in Microsoft Teams by using Power Apps and Dataverse. Start by creating a table, adding columns, and then customize the app to your liking.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Creating an app in Microsoft Teams

  • Creating a table in the app and different column types

  • The Color and Font size property

  • The User function

  • Table, Gallery, and Form customizations

Key Timestamps:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 1:26 Demo of the solution

    • Shane demonstrates the functionality of his employee dataset app in Microsoft Teams. The app includes a gallery of employees and each is able to be edited by the user.

  • 3:10 Create the solution in Power Apps within Microsoft Teams and add a table in the app

    • Find and select the Power Apps Preview app in order to create an app directly in Microsoft Teams. Create a table and add columns for job title, first name, last name, age, hourly wage, hire date and good at their job? The columns utilize numerous different types such as text, number, decimal, date, yes/no and choice.

  • 10:21 Preview the solution and perform additional editing to the data

    • Shane demonstrates an alternative way to view and add columns to the table. Add an image column called ‘face’ to be able to display employee pictures. General navigation and how to move back and forth between Teams and the app.

  • 17:28 Customize the app

    • Use BrowseGallery to change the order of the fields. Show first and last name in the label control. Change the age label to display hourly wage, and format as currency.

  • 22:06 Overview of Power Apps Formula Reference

  • 24:58 Use the Color property and Font size property

    • Shane demonstrates different ways to show colored text with the color property, the RGBA function, and the ColorValue function.

  • 29:37 Add the Face field to the form

    • Face field is added to the app. Employee pictures are now able to be added to the form and to the gallery. Change the properties on the face card to display the picture as high resolution. Change the number of columns and customize the layout.

  • 35:21 Use the User function

    • Displays ‘Hi (employee name)’ depending on what user is viewing the app.

  • 37:02 Publish to Teams

    • Add the app to a channel and view the app in the channel that it was saved to. Changes that are made to the app are not visible to users until the app has been published.

Additional Learning:

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