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Build an App Using Excel as a Data Source

Updated: 2 days ago

Learn the basics of storing an Excel spreadsheet in OneDrive for Business and using this as a data source for Power Apps. This video lays the groundwork for being able to build more complex apps.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Adding an Excel spreadsheet to OneDrive for Business

  • The ColorValue function

  • Detail Form

  • Edit Form

  • Browse Gallery

Key timestamps:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 1:13 Create the solution in Power Apps

  • 2:40 Format the Excel spreadsheet

    • Shane formats the data in his Excel spreadsheet as a table in order for it be used as a data source. He then gives the table a name to make it easier to be referenced in Power Apps.

  • 3:57 Add the Excel spreadsheet to OneDrive for Business

    • The Excel spreadsheet is added to OneDrive and connected to Power Apps, which results in the creation of an app.

  • 5:26 Demo of the solution

    • The app is previewed and the title field on the edit screen is modified. This modification is also reflected in the Excel spreadsheet in OneDrive.

  • 6:32 Customize the app and use the ColorValue function

    • Title field is customized to include first and last name. The ColorValue function is added to the body field to display colored text based on favorite color.

  • 11:49 Navigate the different screens in the app and perform additional customizations using Detail Form and Edit Form

    • Legacy field is removed and the remaining fields are sorted via the Detail form. The first name and last name forms are unlocked and their display names are modified. The fields are sorted via the Edit form.

  • 16:34 Sort the data using Browse Gallery

    • Change the data to sort by the first name field instead of the department field via Browse Gallery.

  • 18:08 Save and publish the app

    • Name the app, select an icon for it, and save it to the cloud.

  • 20:32 Demo of the solution through the Power Apps mobile app

Additional learning:

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