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Working with SharePoint Choice columns in Power Apps

Updated: 2 days ago

Learn to work with SharePoint Choice columns in Power Apps. We cover everything! Single and multi-choice columns because they are wildly different in Power Apps. We talk about displaying them in a gallery and then filtering that gallery by them. Then we take a peek at how they are easy with Forms. Boring. Then we jump into Patch where we really get into the nuance of this column type. Records vs. tables and how that affects Patch, Dropdowns, Combo boxes, and more. This video goes from simple to complex and everything in between.

Click the video below to get started!

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Key Timestamps:

0:00 Get Started

2:24 Looking at the different types of SharePoint Choice columns.

  • Drop-down Menu, Radio Buttons, and Checkboxes to allow multiple selections

4:00 Displaying a SharePoint Choice column in a Power Apps Gallery

6:18 Using the Concat function to display a multiple selection choices field

  • Concat is a function that takes a table of data and turns it into text

7:39 Filtering by a SharePoint Choices column in Power Apps

8:47 Filtering by a multiple selection choice column using the In operator

  • Learn how to filter when you are allowing multiple selections in a choice column.

11:07 Using a Form to create and edit a SharePoint Choices column

  • When using Forms, Power Apps does the work for you to make it easier

13:13 Using Patch with the Choices column

  • Manual creating the Record and Table

15:35 Patchin a value that doesn't exist in the list of choices

16:18 Using Patch to update a multiple selection column

  • Demonstration using the Table function

17:54 Using the Choices function in a dropdown

19:45 Using the Choices function in a Combobox for your multi-selection column

21:51 Setting the Default value for the Dropdown and Comboboxes

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