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Streamlining Your Workflow with the Power Platform and QuickBooks

Updated: 2 days ago

Here at PowerApps911, we are big fans of practice what you preach. We ourselves use a variety of home-built Power Platform applications to make things run as smooth as possible.  


One of the latest upgrades we implemented is a connection from our CRM model-driven app  (where we track all of our time) into QuickBooks (where we do all of our invoicing and billing). We’re a consulting firm – we track all the time we spend working with our clients (we have to keep the lights on somehow, right?). Timesheets are one of those painful pesky duties that our consultants must adhere to and they do a great job of it.  


We were failing ourselves with the disconnect between our consultants entering their timesheets and how that tracked time eventually made its way into QuickBooks for invoicing. The disconnect being there was literally no connection between the two systems, and we were manually entering all that time into QuickBooks – resulting in inefficiency and errors. 


Enter, the QuickBooks API connector. Our team was able to take the QuickBooks API connector and wire it up to our CRM model-driven app, connecting the correct project to the correct client in QuickBooks, finding the correct project to log the time against and ensuring that only the time that is approved gets added to QuickBooks. Talk about hitting the efficiency jackpot. No more manual data entry, no more head-scratching over whether we billed for the right hours. Every time entry that is submitted gets a quick approval from the project manager, and if it meets the criteria to be added to QuickBooks, then quickly makes its way there.  


It's not just about saving time and reducing errors; it's about creating a smoother, more hassle-free operation that keeps everyone on the same page.  


We are not stopping there.  Next up is bringing the invoicing information back into the CRM.  Allowing our team to quickly see if an invoice has been paid and creating a one-stop dashboard for each client!  Project Management, Account Management, and Financial information for the client all in one spot – no more 5 browser windows open at once here! 


If you use QuickBooks and want to look at the ways you could connect it to your other systems, PowerApps911 is here to help! This is something that we’d love to help you and your business out with! Click the button below to contact us!

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