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Sharing Power Apps with External Users

Updated: 2 days ago

Learn how to share your Power Apps Canvas App with users who are outside of your company. If you need to share your Power Apps canvas apps with vendors, partners, customers, clients, or anyone outside your organization now you can thanks to Azure B2B sharing.

In this video, you will learn about:

  • sharing with Gmail accounts

  • sharing with Office365 accounts

  • using SharePoint external sharing and Office365 Manage Users to share apps

  • troubleshooting

Link to the video on Shane's video on YouTube:

Key Timestamps:

  • 00:00 It starts

  • 2:06 Demo of the app

    • Shane demonstrates his app and begins beginning steps on how to share with external users that have an Office 365 account.

  • 3:07 Start sharing with an external Office 365 user via SharePoint Share

    • Shane explains how to share the data source and app to the desired user.

    • See what this looks like for the external user that you are sharing with.

  • 8:55 Troubleshooting data source access issues

    • Shane explains how to resolve a few issues you may come across when the external user is trying to see your app.

  • 11:43 Inviting an external user in Azure AD from their Gmail account using the admin portal

    • Shane uses recently created test email to help explain inviting external Gmail accounts.

    • In the Azure AD portal, invite a guest user through their email. Understand the steps the user will have to take to access this app.

  • 15:14 Creating a Microsoft Account with your Gmail address

    • Your user must connect their Gmail to a Microsoft Account in order to view the app you shared.

  • 19:10 Fix the "You don't have permission to view this data" error messages by sharing lists

    • Ensure the guest user will be able to see what you have shared.

  • 21:00 Brief overview of licensing external users

    • Shane explains you must provide a license to users who do not have one from their organization.

  • 21:52 Authentication vs. authorization aka who deals with passwords

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Additional Learning:

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