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Power Automate desktop tutorial for beginners

Updated: 2 days ago

Get started with an introduction to Power Automate Desktop Flows. Shane explains exactly what it is, how to install it, and how to solve a few automation challenges. Follow along with Shane through this video as you build your first Desktop Flow.

Included in this video:

  • What are Power Automate Desktop flows and how to install

  • Building your first flow

  • Browser Automations

  • Outlook and Excel Actions

Link to this video on YouTube:

Key Timestamps:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 1:17 Getting started by installing Power Automate Desktop Flow

    • Shane demonstrates how to install Power Automate Desktop Flow, what extensions you can download, and explains any problems you may come across.

  • 2:33 Start building the Desktop Flow

    • Learn how to begin navigating through Power Automate once you have it downloaded. Shane explains how the flow he will build is going to perform in Power Automate.

  • 4:51 Browser Automation and our first variable

    • Shane begins with opening a new browser window and extracts data from a web page.

    • Learn how to then store your data within a variable, while also understanding any possible errors.

  • 9:34 Outlook Actions to send email messages through Outlook + Flow control Wait

    • Learn how to send a new Outlook email message within Power Automate.

    • Shane explains how to make Power Automate delay closing Outlook to ensure the message is sent, and Outlook is not closed too quickly.

  • 13:29 Excel Actions + Date time action

    • Open an existing file in Excel and create a variable. Use an action to retrieve the first free column/row on the active worksheet.

    • Shane explains how to write the current date and time to your Excel worksheet.

  • 19:35 Running the Desktop Flow you built

    • You did it! You have completed your first Power Automate Desktop Flow.

    • Run it and see your hard work in action.

Additional Learning:

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