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Power Automate Archive SharePoint List Item

Updated: Jan 24

Learn how to use a Recurrence flow that gets all of the items from SharePoint that need archived based on their date. Then create a copy of the item and delete the item. Power Automate Archive SharePoint List Item uses an oData query against the date to find old items and passes it to an apply to each loop. Also, the date to archive from is auto calculated using the utcNow expressions and subtracting days from the returned date.

Click the video below and get started!

Link to Shane's YouTube Channel:

Key Timestamps:

0:00 It Starts

0:28 Reasons you want to make your SharePoint list smaller with archiving

1:15 Create a flow to archive in Power Automate

1:52 Add the SharePoint Get Items action with an odata filter and limit top count

  • Manually trigger a flow > Search for SharePoint > Select Get Items

  • In the drop down choose the site and list name (ExpenseMaster)

  • In Advanced Options, select 'Top Count' to be 1; this is the quickest way

  • Run/test the flow

3:50 Looking at the flow output to understand the data and what you want to filter against

  • Go back to 'Get Items' then select and download Outputs file

5:40 Power Automate odata filter a date column

8:34 Creating a SharePoint list from existing list

  • Use SharePoint to create a list from an already existing list instead of manually creating one

  • Go to Settings > Site Content > New > List > From Existing List

  • Scroll through the column containing lists and select the list you are wanting to duplicate, in this case 'ExpenseMaster' list

  • Once creating, your list is now in the same format as your previous list - with no data yet

9:45 Create item in SharePoint via an Apply To Each loop

  • Edit your flow again to continue

  • Select New Step > Create Item (in SharePoint) > fill in your Site Address and List Name > Complete remaining fields

13:01 SharePoint Delete Item in Power Automate flow

15:40 Subtract from time and utcNow in Power Automate

17:26 Using a terminate action to make flow testing easier and faster

19:39 Change the trigger to Recurrence

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