Everything you need to build a Model-Driven App

It is time that we all roll up our sleeves and learn Model-driven apps. This video walks you through ALL OF THE STEPS to build your first Model-driven app.

Create a solution, create tables, setup a relationship, build views, setup forms, design charts, build and customize your app, and then setup security and sharing. EVERYTHING you need to know to get started building your own Model-driven apps with Power Apps and Dataverse.

Click the video below to get started!

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Key Timestamps:

0:00 PowerApps Model-driven apps getting started

2:31 PowerApps Model-driven app example

4:28 Create a Power Apps Solution for our Model driven app

5:50 Create your Tables, columns, relationship, and lookup

12:20 Create the Model-driven app

15:20 Customize a Dataverse view for Model-driven apps

19:10 Update your model driven forms

27:22 Make Dataverse Charts for model driven app

30:09 Looking more at the Model-driven app studio and what else is possible

33:19 Setup the security role

34:52 Share your model-driven app with other users

Additional Learning:

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