5 Power Apps Best Practices for Early Makers

Updated: Nov 9

You like Power Apps Best practices so here is five of them all for my early builders and makers.

Best practices include:
  • The age old debate: Patch vs. Submit form

  • What is the best data source?

  • Building smaller apps.

  • Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

  • Choose your words carefully!

Click the video below to begin!

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Key Timestamps:

0:00 Power Apps Best Practices

  • These tips and best practices are for makers who are just beginning their Power Apps journey. This content comes from the teachings of Power Platform University by PowerApps911.

1:45 Don't make one giant app

  • Build multiple small apps to avoid crashing or errors within Power Apps.

  • When you build an app that is too 'big', the maker will see an increase in time it takes to access the app.

4:41 Prefer Patch, not Forms

  • Forms aren't flexible and don't work offline.

  • Patch is faster and let's you have more control.

6:52 Function over form

  • "Pretty apps that don't work are pointless." Make your apps functional, not focusing on the look only.

8:17 Don't use reserved or common words for variables or columns!

  • Don't use common names for variables, data sources or columns to make it easier on yourself. Examples are: Date, Amount, Time, Status, Value, Activity, Data.

10:08 Dataverse is the best data source if you have a license.

  • Dataverse is the fastest and has the most features which makes it the best data source. Although, it does require a license.

  • If you do not have premium licenses, SharePoint is the best.

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