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On Demand Training for PowerApps and Flow.

This class is focused on helping you take your fragmented PowerApps and Flow skills and transforming them to solid skills. You know your business processes inside and out, let us help you do the same with PowerApps and Flow.     

The 15 hour course is divided into 17 recorded video modules. The class includes videos, links to additional information, code snippets, labs, and contact information for any course or lab questions.  Using a time sheet app as our scenario we will walk through the following topics*:

Module 1 – Starting with a blank canvas

Module 2 – Galleries and Data Sources​

Module 3 – Forms

Module 4 – Controls and Inputs

Module 5 – Variables and Collections

Module 6 – Time to make it Flow

Module 7 – Building Approvals with Flow

Module 8 – PowerApps and Flow with SharePoint

Module 9 – SQL as a Data Source

Module 10 – How to decide what tool to use when they overlap

Module 11 – Mobile Apps make life better

Module 12 – Using Ifs in PowerApps and Flow for conditional formatting

Module 13 – Flow expressions and APIs for people who don't write code

Module 14 – PowerApps Patch, Filter, LookUp, Search and More

Module 15 – Sending emails with PowerApps and Flow

Module 16 – Saving, Sharing, and Publishing

Module 17 - Bonus demos of assorted apps and concepts

The class can be purchased on it's own for $600 or combined with a one hour consulting session with the course author, Shane Young, for $800.


If you have any questions regarding these courses, please reach out via chat or the contact form below.

*Syllabus may be updated or revised.  If you are already registered, we will send you an email with the revisions.  

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