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Advanced Power Apps and Power Automate Training

Do you feel confident building standard apps and flows? Ready to learn how to solve more advanced problems?  If you answered yes, then this is the class for you! 

In this class, we will explore 8 different topics that make you think at the next level. Each module will use a real-world example to illustrate how to implement the concepts discussed.

​Join Shane Young for this 4-day course is taught LIVE via an interactive, online platform where you can fully participate. The class is scheduled in two – one and a half hour training blocks per day plus a hands-on lab you can do on your own. You will receive access to the recording of the class for 30 days and be able to download the demo apps built in class!


We will walk through the following topics*:


  1. Building complex, matrix approvals in Power Apps, not Power Automate

    • Learn how we do Approval workflows in our apps.

    • Use a combination of deep links, LookUps, CountRows, and more to build approvals that meet your exact business need. ​

  2. Power Apps Math and ForAll deep dive

    • Learn how to input two times in dropdowns (like 9 am and 5 pm) and then figure out how many 30-minute time slots were between the two times, and then create an entry in the data source for each slot.​

  3. Build Dynamic PDFs

    • Building a basic PDF is pretty straight forward. In this module, we are going to talk about the crazy complex.

      • Dynamic elements, page breaks, formatting tips, and more.

    • Discuss when to use a 3rd party tool 

    • Overview of the Word Online action ​

  4. Build an Offline app with files and images

    • Learn how to capture files and images in offline apps and then save them to a data source.

    • Discuss tips and tricks to improve the performance of your offline apps.

  5. Calling the SharePoint Online Rest API

    • Learn how to use the SharePoint HTTP action to change file permissions and get a document version

    • Discover the Rest API and how to use it.

    • Use the SharePoint HTTP action to retrieve Project Online information

  6. Using Flow to provision and populate a SharePoint list

    • Learn to build SharePoint lists and its columns using the API

    • Populate the list by importing data from an Excel workbook

    • Makes deploying SharePoint based solutions much easier

  7. Relationships and Performance

    • Learn how to use relationships to build strong bonds in your data.

    • Explore different data models and discuss app performance of your decisions

  8. Build an app using a dynamic data model

    • Learn how to build apps that allow for dynamic questions and responses.

    • This means your users can maintain the questions for themselves


* Outline is subject to change due to ever involving world of Power Apps and Power Automate. You will be notified if a module changes after you have signed up and given the option for a full refund.

Price: $995 per student (multiple student discounts are available)

Next Delivery:  August 10-14, 2020 11AM EDT - 2:45 EDT (45 minute lunch break)

Click the button below to create an account on our training site and complete your registration. We will confirm your registration and provide additional details via email a few weeks before class.  

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