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Dataverse for Teams 
Cheat Sheet

As you work with or evaluate D4T remember that it was designed for collaborative apps and data. Yes, it is possible to massage security but remember, you are coming from a place where everyone has access to the data, the further you stray from that the harder/weirder/not possible things might get. 

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  1. Can’t use AI Builder 

  2. Can’t use Customer Connectors 

  3. Can’t use Desktop Flows 

  4. Can’t buy more capacity 

    • Can Upgrade to full Dataverse 

  5. No Component Libraries 

  6. No PCF support 

  7. No Model-driven apps 

  8. No common data model tables 


  1. You can use Power Apps with Standard Connectors and connect to your Dataverse for Teams instance 

  2. You can use Power Automate to build flows with Standard connectors and connect to your Dataverse for Teams instance 

  3. You can use Power Virtual Agents chatbots inside of Teams with Standard connectors and connected to your Dataverse for Teams instance 

  4. You do NOT get any special use or license of Power BI 


  1. 2 GB per environment 

  2. Doesn’t count against your tenant’s storage 

  3. 5 environments + 1 for every 20 qualifying license 

   4. Environments will be deleted if the Team is deleted 

   5. Environments are backed up automatically/manually and can be restored to point in time, in place only.  



  1. You can run the apps inside of Teams 

    • If you wish to run them in a browser, outside of teams you need a Power Apps license or trial. The Teams integration object will not be available  

    • Apps will not show up at  

    • Shane’s words: D4T lets you make Standard apps that connect to D4T. So as long as you have a Power Apps license you should be able to use those apps. 

  2. No direct API access is provided to D4T 

  3. You must create the flows from the Power Apps app inside of Teams. The Power Automate app in Teams does not connect to Dataverse for Teams. 

  4. The Power BI app inside of Teams is not part of Dataverse for Teams. You will need to follow traditional PBI licensing. PBI can query Dataverse for Teams as a data source. 

  5. Chatbots are created using the Power Virtual Agent from Teams 

  6. Dataverse for Teams environments DO show up in the Admin Portal 

  7. If you want to control who can user Dataverse for Teams or what apps they can use this is possible from the Teams Admin Center Policies. 

  8. Upgrading to full Dataverse is done via the Power Platform Admin Center 

  9. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies can be applied to Dataverse for Teams environments 

  10. You can use Dataflows to import data 


Dataverse vs. Dataverse for Teams 

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