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Do you need a simple solution for booking conference rooms and desks?

Introducing our NEW Bookings App, designed with Microsoft Power Apps and seamlessly integrated with SharePoint. This turnkey solution is ready to transform how you manage your workspace. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our app is the perfect tool to enhance your productivity and streamline your office operations.

$1,800 Plus 1 hour of support with a Power Platform Expert 

The Booking App In Action!

Demo video

With Our Bookings App You Will Get:

Streamlined Bookings

Say goodbye to double bookings and scheduling conflicts. Our app provides a user-friendly interface where employees can easily book conference rooms and office space and view availability in real-time.

Enhanced Collaboration

This app fosters a collaborative environment by ensuring that meeting spaces are readily available when needed. Encourage teamwork and ensure that your staff always has a conducive space to meet and brainstorm.

Seamless Integration

Built on Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint, our app integrates smoothly with your existing Microsoft environment. Enjoy a unified experience with tools you're already familiar with.

Effortless Implementation

This solution is designed to be easy. Once purchased, you can install it in your Microsoft Office 365 environment and start using it immediately. No complicated setup or extensive training is required.

How This App Will Benefit Your Business:

  • Improve Employee Satisfaction: Provide a hassle-free way for your employees to find and book meeting spaces.

  • Free-up Admin Workload: Automate the booking process and reduce the burden on your administrative staff.

  • Flexible Work Environment: Adapt to the modern work culture with ease by supporting flexible scheduling and remote work arrangements.


Do I need any premium licensing to use this app? No, that is the great thing about this. As long as your users have an Office 365 license, they will be able to access the app.
Is this customizable to fit my business needs? Yes, the Bookings App is fully customizable, if needed. Once you have the app and lists imported, you can change the colors, fields, requirements, etc... And if you need any assistance doing this, we can help!
Where is the data stored for this app? The Bookings App uses SharePoint as it's backend data source.
Is there any kind of setup assistance or training provided? Yes, once purchased, you will get a 1 hour session with one of our Power Apps Experts to assist you with installing and answering any questions you may have. You will also get an instructional document as well as an instructional demo video.
Can external users access this app? If you share the SharePoint lists with a Guest, they have an Office 365 license, and then you Share the app with them, they would be able to access the app.
Is there a limit to the number of users who can use this app? No, all users with an Office 365 license in your organization will be able to access the app.

Ready to Transform Your Office Space Management?

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