Residential & commercial electrical services


"We needed a program to put together the different apects of our service company operation. A means of gathering customer data, visit info (with pictures), manage the tasks involved with the customer project during different stages of the work, create a work order, track work order progress, assign and re-assign work orders, and add/remove users and permissions." - Neil


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Patriot Electric

Logic App 1

"Daniel LeMay and PowerApps911 built two Logic Apps for us that connect to Dynamics CRM and create SharePoint sites, Microsoft Teams, and a file structure for us. The first Logic App triggers when our Construction Sales team opens a new opportunity in Dynamics. The Logic App checks all of the information and if it contains the right fields, the app will then create an Office 365 group with an incremental number so each entry is different. The app will then create a corresponding Microsoft Team for the Office 365 group, which creates a SharePoint site for that opportunity as well. Next the app copies a files structure from a template SharePoint site into the newly created SharePoint site to fit our standardization of files. The app next adds the opportunity creator as an owner of the Microsoft Team, joins the SharePoint site to a Hub site and then sends an email to the creator telling them their site is ready with a link to the files."

— Steven, Lee Company


Aleta - Intelsat

“I couldn’t go another day without saying how immensely grateful I am for all the help you’ve given me and my company! The corrections, improvements and most of all, for giving us a solution for the “subproject” (related requests) requirements that my users have gravely needed -- I cannot even begin to thank you enough! You are not only brilliant - you have also been a delight to work with! And these changes you’ve made have been absolutely life saving for our application!”

Chris - RealFoundations

"With the help of the dedicated programming team at Powerapps911, they patiently designed screen by screen in Powerapps to create a high caliber solution that flows perfectly within the structure of our day-to-day company operations."

Steven - Lee Company

"Daniel LeMay and the entire PowerApps911 team are the leaders of expertise on the Power Platform. I have been able to come to them for any question related to SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate, or Logic Apps and they have been able give me a solution. If you feel uncomfortable implementing the solution yourself, they are always willing to work with you to make it a reality."