Use the Power Apps Patch Function with a SharePoint List

Updated: May 21, 2021

Learn how to customize a gallery and use the Patch function directly within a gallery in Power Apps. Shane’s demo shows how to build a gallery that displays employee names, titles, and favorite colors along with cancel, edit, and save buttons.

In this video you will learn about:

  • The Patch function

  • The UpdateContext function

  • The Reset function

Link to the video on YouTube: Power Apps Patch Function

Link to the video for Curated Library subscribers: Power Apps Patch function

Key timestamps:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 1:02 Demo of the solution

  • Shane demonstrates the functionality of his employees SharePoint list in a customized gallery. The favorite color and title fields are able to be edited and saved.

  • 3:03 Create the solution in Power Apps and insert a gallery

  • A vertical gallery is inserted into the app and the Employees SharePoint list is selected as the data sour