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Construction Sales Apps

The following overview was provided by the technical contact at the customer:

Daniel LeMay and PowerApps911 built two Logic Apps for us that connect to Dynamics CRM and create SharePoint sites, Microsoft Teams, and a file structure for us. The first Logic App triggers when our Construction Sales team opens a new opportunity in Dynamics. The Logic App checks all of the information and if it contains the right fields, the app will then create an Office 365 group with an incremental number so each entry is different. The app will then create a corresponding Microsoft Team for the Office 365 group, which creates a SharePoint site for that opportunity as well. Next the app copies a files structure from a template SharePoint site into the newly created SharePoint site to fit our standardization of files. The app next adds the opportunity creator as an owner of the Microsoft Team, joins the SharePoint site to a Hub site and then sends an email to the creator telling them their site is ready with a link to the files.

The second Logic App is part 2 of our construction process. The app is triggered off of when an opportunity in Dynamics CRM is updated. The app checks to see if the opportunity is Won and then proceeds; if not, the app ends. If the opportunity is Won, the Logic App checks what type of Construction job was won. Depending on the type of job, the app then connects to Microsoft Graph to get user information and add different users to the previously created Microsoft Team for that opportunity and makes them an owner of that Team. Finally, once they are added it moves the SharePoint site to a new SharePoint Hub.

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