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Looking for Power Platform training?

 We offer training courses for Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI! Our courses include hours of training, code snippets, downloadable apps, and more. We have both live and on-demand (self-paced) options!

Power BI for Business Users

If you are a user wanting to create dashboards and reports, take our Power BI for Business Users course!

Power Apps and Power Automate 

Learn how to use Power Apps and Power Automate with any data source!

SharePoint and Power Platform

Take this course to learn how to use the Power Platform to improve your SharePoint implementation!

Free Intro to the Power Platform

Brand new to the Power Platform?  Take this course for an overview of each of the tools!

Do you watch Shane's YouTube videos?  Access the downloadable apps, code snippets and other resources in the Curated Video Library.  Only $15/month, cancel whenever you want.

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